Start mining Bitcoins in 2019

How to mine Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are mined by solving complex maths problems, the capacity to solve these problems is called hashpower. Your computer with a best graphics card can provide power in megahash per second (Mh/s), however, that won’t give you any returns. You need at least a gigahash per second (Gh/s)to get something, however, that is also not sufficient. Therefore several terahash per second (Th/s) of power is needed. 1 Th/s = 1000 Gh/s and 1 Gh/s = 1000 Mh/s.

Bitcoin Mining

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Now you can estimate how much power is need. Your computer or smartphone is not suitable for you. This is a combination of several microchips on one board. Application-specific integrated circuit  (ASIC) miners have taken over completely. These ASIC machines mine at unprecedented speeds while consuming much less than FPGA or GPU mining rigs.



Bitcoin Mining:

  1. Hardware Mining:  Mining on your own machines at your own location and electricity.
  2. Cloud Mining:  Mining at a third-party expert at best location and best electricity rates.
Bitcoins are highly volatile, therefore investing or trading is highly risky. It is better to miss the coins, so you get the benefits of appreciation + mining rewards. At present, returns on mining are more than 20% per month. If the price keeps rising, these returns will be phenomenal.

Why Bitcoin is Rising?

Bitcoin was created in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis to operate outside of central governments, banks and financial institutions. It has all the features of a currency like:

  • Precious:  total 21 million coins can be created, huge demand less supply.
  • Exchangeable:  You can exchange bitcoin with any currency like dollar, yen, rupee or any other cryptocurrency like ethereum, zcash, dash etc.
  • Divisible:  It can be divided into millions of bits unlike the dollar that can only be divided in cents.
  • Global:  Bitcoin is all over the globe in all countries
  • Intrinsic Value:  Bitcoin is an intrinsic value from the electricity cost that goes for mining.
  • Storage:  It can be stored and deposited.


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